Didactic Activity

Stefano has a wide and articulated didactic activity. Being full Professor at the Perugia Conservatory, he hold yearly post-degree masterclass at Civica Scuola delle Arti in Rome, every year he takes part of the International Guitar Stages in Umbria and he also gives spot masterclasses, seminars and lectures around the world. 

Here below some proposals.

Sor Studies for GuitarFernando Sor: Studies and Concert Works

The masterclass will be devoted to the complete works by Fernando Sor always comparing with the original editions.
Sor’s technique, polyphonic writing, phrasing and interpretation will be analyzed through the lessons to the student and/or through an introduction seminar.






Metodologia della StudioAnalisys, phrasing and technical choices
Through the musical and historical analisys, we can define the interpretation, the dynamics, the phrasing and colours, till arriving to decide the proper fingering and practising method.