Guitalian Quartet

Guitalia Quartet

  • Guido Fichtner, Claudio Marcotulli,
  • Maurizio Norrito, Stefano Palamidessi

The GUITALIAN QUARTET is formed by four guitar soloists who established themselves in their early career in the most important national and international Guitar competitions, where they met and set up a friendly relation based on mutual personal and professional esteem.
Despite living in distant Italian cities (Rome, Milan, Palermo and Fermo), they have been often asked to collaborate and this has led to their decision to form this Guitar Quartet, for which they have selected an enjoyable repertoire.
They all still have their own soloist activity, performing in the most important Festivals and venues, all over the world, making also CD recordings and radio or TV broadcasts in Italy and abroad.
Besides their professional concert activity, they are all teachers in public Conservatoires, private Academies and International Stages.